We’re here to help you!

Our team is here to help you! Whether it is a quick question about our services or an in-depth setup process of how to configure our device with hardware you have, we are here to help! When in doubt, give us a shout!

How does it work?

Our devices operate on AT&T Cell towers. Your service speed is determined by your AT&T/Cricket Coverage!

All you have to do to get started is order a SIM card with us and a device (if you don't have one) and we will ship it out within 2 business days.

Is this only for Rural Customers?

No! We offer our services to anyone and everyone in the United States, including rural customers. We are able to provide a high-speed internet service in areas most providers wouldn't even offer service.

Can I bring my own device?

Yes! As long as your device is unlocked and compatible on the AT&T network you are able to use your own device!

If you aren't sure, ask one of our team members.

We also sell devices on our order page.

Can I have more than one device?

Yes! Our devices are enjoyed by many across america, specifically travellers!

You can have multiple accounts and devices with us, you just need a SIM card for each device.